Praise and Worship Workshops

These lessons and workshops are for the express purpose of bringing understanding, not only technically, but spiritually to all believers and Levites- Pastors, Musicians, Singers, Artists and Worship Leaders, who have a burning desire to be more effective for God with their giftings.

My desire is to see churches of all denominations around the world break free from dead, ineffective “song services.” It is possible to experience the manifest presence of an all loving God through powerful, purposeful Spirit-led worship services…. that takes us beyond the veil, into the Holy of Holies.

  • Workshop Topics
  • Through Moses Tabernacle Spiritually
  • Praise in the Beginning
  • The Power and Benefits of Praise
  • The Fragrance of Worship
  • The Office of the Levite
  • Basic Qualifications of a Levite
  • Praise and Worship: the pattern, the process, the purpose
  • Levites: Servants or Superstars?
  • Leaders: Pastor / Worship Leader Relationship
  • Journey into the Holy of Holies
  • The Rocket ship of Praise and Worship
  • Dealing with Difficulties During Praise and Worship
  • Developing a Worship Team
  • Prophetic Worship
  • Sing a New Song
  • Preparing for the Glory

If you are interested in a live, in depth Praise and Worship Workshop Conducted for your church by Pastor Clift, please contact: New Beginning Ministries at: or call 254-592-3434.